Druid Arch – Canyonlands National Park

Cue Star Wars theme music 🎼 in a galaxy far, far away a war between seasons wrecks havoc in nearby peaks. A desert blown east fondles the base of the Coloradan rocks. Our star fighter Evelyn bends light breaking through atmospheric ensemble, the crash lands in a world of Utopian alien desert.

We drove into Canyonlands National Park, Utah with the sun low and shooting sharp through our windscreen. Sun salutation and salvation when we aligned our hood and blasted towards one of those big table top desert rocks. It seems silly that a world outside these gates even exists and a lingering thought resides, why would you want to be anywhere else, when the air is so still,Β  a quietness that encompasses solitude. The constant noise pollution that protrudes even natural environments is lost amongst the Canyonlands.

A mortuary of mountains, a sanctuary for these bronze legends to disintegrate into this final resting place of absolute solace, the termoil that is death. We put pot to flame, mock a life of fame, toast to freedom and in our unidentified flying object, cuddle together like extra terrestrial celebrities hanging about in the stars.

The Mission:
Druid Arch 16.4km – 10.2mi

Elephants of grandiosity roamed these parts, mountain like creatures with there trunks pointing to the sky. Each crevice molded in time from a wayward step. Canyons formed in there wake, loose footings caused them to stumble and meta morph like playdo into the dust and time petrified there skin like jagged ripples of sandstone rock.

Towering summits like erect love sticks probe the clouds. There shameful humiliation for all the world to see. But if anything its shame on me, as the hills have eyes. Slinky peekers watch stinky tweekers, shift a rock and observe but read your thoughts. Like C3P0 I rustily deviate through sand sunken washes, with robotic flow, terrain my feet don’t know. Remnants of battle decaying boulders scatter a dry valley. A neatly portrayed stack, the trail amidst a scramble of rock.

Celtic priests, keepers of lore, the highest ranking magicians of the fourth order. Mythological necromancers clutch crucifix with archaeological tricks, as they sell their soul to perform magic dark as coal. Habitual sin this pagan ritual, they move mountains like gods, formulating inter dimensional gateways to parallel universes.

Hydration has never been my thing. I must have lost myself staring through the arch.

11 Replies to “Druid Arch – Canyonlands National Park”

      1. Haha aw, to be honest, we liked Needles District a little more anyway! Island in the Sky and Arches are worth a visit if you get another chance though! We are actually taking a break to be stationary for a while but we’ve still got a big backlog of Alaska and Canadian Rockies posts to put up from the summer, and hope to keep getting away for adventures when possible! Hoping we can get international sometime! How about you?

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      2. Were making our way theough all the lovely parks in utah. Just in a little cafe outside of Goblin Valley atm, wow that place is stunning!! Cool i am looking forward to reading some more. We should be friends on fb so you can notify me when they are out? I kinda been ignoring all my wordpress emails lately


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